Yeah, I did it. Of course you?re going to ask, ?Why?? right? You sane people in your right minds looking at me like, ?How could he do such a thing?? I?ll tell you. I?ll tell you right now. I did it for that whimper. This wasn?t the first or the second. Not the third or even the fifth. Yeah I skipped the fourth, to try and save some time which I seem to have nullified by explaining my actions. But thinking on what I did that night and talking about those specific actions, my dick starts to get a little hard. It was complete and utter submission. See, some girls just won?t take it. I suppose you can say that?s part of the charm in those girls. The struggle. But a dude like me got shit to do. I only have so much time to be pinning her down, taking off her clothes, keeping her legs spread, getting my pants down and decorate her pussy walls with a new coat of paint all the while trying to keep my dick hard in the process. It can be difficult at times. There were a few times where I had the girl knocked out. That was another kind of spice. If I had to call it, that?s probably what it feels like to stick a dead body. At least that?s what I caught myself thinking a few times on the way home. I live about 15 from Hunnington Cemetery. Of course I put those thoughts away. A man like me got standards, you know? But this was the one. I?d never had one like this. I had her on her back her face to the east with eyes closed tight as an asshole. She didn?t even cry enough for her eyes to puff. I?d watch single tears fall to the ground. There were hints of her screaming no deep down inside. You know when you want something real bad your body acts involuntarily? But I might as well have been slipping off the panties off a mannequin. Ultimately, she?d accepted her fate. If God does exist, for him I bet that?s what it feels like to have someone?s complete faith. While the big guy is probably laughing his ass off from the triviality of our efforts since we?re all doing it just to die anyway these devotees are thinking they?re making it into heaven. Maybe that?s what she was thinking. Eventually, I have to come, right?

Yeah, I did. I did it ?cause she cried softly.