Ah, Fairy Tail. I haven't read for a long time, and now i see this. Brilliant.

When i first read fairy tail i thought it was cool, but nothing epic. and since i've read RAVE before, i thought i was familiar w/ Hiro Mashima's work. And I was. there's just a bunch of comedy and action, and the theme was okay.

Then after the first arc on the snow mountain, i thought, "hey nothing special". And like RAVE, it felt like an RPG game. then i got to Erza's arc, which was cool, but again nothing special. then there was Grey's arc which was pretty much the same for me. [Note: I've enjoyed reading those arcs, so im not complaining or anything :p] and now, we're on the War arc... and i must say, the declaration of war, and the guild attacking Phantom head-on was the coolest i've seen of the series.

Oh and also, Fairy Tail's comedy scenes make me laugh so hard. :nod