VoD presents: An analysis of the possible NaruSaku foreshadowing in the penis Rescue Sasuke attempt 2 arc! :zaru

I could have added more to it, but I decided to keep it strictly to material pertaining directly to the two interruptions.

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With the recent animation of chapter 297, I decided to type a LAP detailing my perspective of the potential NaruSaku foreshadowing.

First off, let me say this for the anime-only watchers: There was no ?l-? in Yamato?s line. You know the one. It does not exist in the original Japanese, and was merely added there by a presumptuous NaruSaku fan. With that out of the way?

Interruptions are a commonly used tool for hinting at (and delaying) romantic development. Two of them are used when discussing the topic of Sakura?s feelings towards Naruto. This means that Kishimoto is trying to foreshadow NaruSaku, right? So it may seem at first glance, and so many NaruSaku fans seem to believe. However, while the method Kishimoto used is clearly visible and common for romance, the context of the scenes and circumstances surrounding Sakura?s feelings leave me skeptical.

Let?s start with 297, Yamato?s cut-off. In this scene, Sakura laments her inability to help Naruto, and Yamato tries to reassure her. As a self-declared non-indulgent team captain on a mission to infiltrate the lair of one of Konoha?s worst enemies, it makes far more sense for Yamato?s line to be designed to restore Sakura?s morale instead of play love doctor for two teens he barely knows. Thus, I believe Yamato?s complete line would sound something like this:

?Sakura, in reality, you help Naruto simply by caring about him.?

With this line, Yamato is directly attacking Sakura?s self-doubt. However, it leaves room for interpretation as to whether Sakura?s care is friendly or romantic, so let us move on to Sai.

In chapter 289, Sai describes Sakura as being gentle with Naruto ( :hehee ), and states that he does not understand such feelings, ?but in a book it said this- ? At the point in the manga this cutoff is made, it could be taken as a reasonable use of the interruption tool for romance. However, future events in the manga undermine this interpretation and instead cause Sai?s statement to fly right in the face of a romantic interpretation of Sakura -> Naruto.

Throughout the manga, Sai is not even once shown to be interested in romantic relationships or books. Instead, he is entirely focused on friendships and familial bonds. Those are what he talks about, reads about, and thinks about. In fact, in chapter 343, when Sai interrupts Sakura?s attempt to feed Naruto, Sai says ?A true friend helps a friend in need, or so I read in a book?? With evidence constantly piling up that Sai focuses on and reads about friendships instead of romance, it makes no sense for him to be think Sakura?s feelings are romantic, since as far as we know, Sai doesn?t read about romance or even know anything at all about romance.

The flashback in 343 could even be considered a reference to Yamato?s encouragement in 297, with Naruto?s words confirming that the ?dumbest little things? that Sakura does for Naruto do, in fact, help him.

However, this begs the question: Why would Kishimoto do this? Simple: Kishimoto is trying to stir confusion over Sakura?s feelings, and by extension over whether Sasuke/Sakura or Naruto/Sakura will happen. Note that while Kishimoto has shown that Sasuke still means a great deal to Sakura, he has (intentionally, as I see it) carefully avoided clarifying whether or not Sakura retains a romantic interest in Sasuke. However, if my analysis is correct, then Sakura still loves Sasuke and will be with him at the end of the manga.

And with Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Hinata all on stage, this matter could be cleared up by the end of this arc.