I know it's a stretch, but hear me out-

The more I age, and the more I know, the more problematic my relationships become. I am finding increasingly difficult to relate to any of my peers in reality, topics of conversation are few and far between, and are rarely of my devision.

Vicarious - I use others to understand myself. Suprisingly enough, my inherent lack of social expression has lead to me having rather intuitive people reading powers, and as such, I can see in them what is manifest in me, and how I deal with it, at least externally.

Viviparous - My emotions don't emerge as still births. A flood of emotions erupts from my cavernous mind, and mutate/age with seeming relentlessness, a living emotion is the only emotion, and yet it seems more and more a problem for me. Let's hope viviparous is an apt adjective for my lucid emotional creation.

Vivisection - However, I also have a habit of violating people from my mind. Mind you, not in a sexual sense, but in a psychological sense. When I read them, I often find things that are incredibly private, see them naked, more naked than every should be shown. Raw, emotional and visceral. I don't analyze them with the power of retrospect and age, knowing their life patterns. I vivisect them, and I'm often right. It's fuckin' weird.

Vicarious Viviparous Vivisection - My inane description for why I can't relate to most people- which has nothing to do with the above. I find myself thinking along the lines which no one I know in real life thinks, I think about things they have no knowledge of, and ponder things for which they do not care. I know them more than most will know me, and I feel dirty because of it, I find their unintentional openess disturbing. I find it disturbing because I'm probably the same.