Made my way down to City hall to collect some stuff.
Took a walk in Mall and realized that they are also upgrading themselves.
Talk about being left behind man.
Anyways, walked into boutiques i couldn't afford: (

So decided to stay in City to TRY and study.

Yes world, the word is CAPITALISED up.

Phone was busy buzzing away at the wrong time.
Either i get no calls when i'm ultimately bored or,
when i'm extremely packed with things to do,
tonnes of messages come in.

Mood swings didn't help at all.
It happily made things worse.

Afraid of me?
Be very very afraid.

The train ride home was a peculiar one.
I caught a lady continuously staring at me!

Everytime i sensed her gaze upon me,
I would look at her and i would catch her eyeballs pretending to look in a different direction!
It didn't get any better when i managed to get a sit.
next to her.
Maybe she thought i was her long-lost younger sister or something.

Have you ever denied something that existed?
And when that existence of that denial became heavier,
you seem to have been drawn into more denial?

That denial of existence kept your oil lamp burning,
however when that existence faded away,
your lamp grew weaker?

Denial of that existence.
Where have you gone?:cry