Yeah, I made that word up.

I've never had a blog, never wanted one. They seem to be a vanity project for a world of people too heavy on vanity already, just another means of someone saying 'omg look at me' and too little interested at doing any looking themselves.

I know, i'm a grumpy butt, I got sleep. Sue me. Ok don't, I'm broke, all you'd get is a spare pair of pillow cases and an ebbing collection of hot pockets in various flavors of freezer-burn.

I've been on an MST3K kick - Prince of Space a.k.a. men from space that go 'ba-Kwok!' was mightily worthy. I shall get my man to watch that one of these days - Mitchell, first tho. Bless Youtube and it's infinite bounty :wtf

Perhaps I shall start hashing out ideas for a new sci-fi or somesuch here, who knows. Anyway, enough for now, there is tea to be imbibed, chairs to be slouched into, and naps to be stolen from the jaws of honest work! :bees