Its been awhile since I last made an AMV, I think it was my Zoro vs. Kaku one that I couldn't finish because it wouldn't let me. *punches WMM*

I tried a Bleach AMV after that but it didn't turn out so good so I didn't even bother posting it.

But my next 2 AMV's are going to rock, telling ya that now. Next one will be a ES21 AMV based on Shinryuuji vs. Deimon, I still need more footage before I start on it. Should be good since I'm using RAW videos.

And later on after that I will make me a Reborn! AMV. With the whole Vongola Rings Battle put into one AMV. It's going to be hard but I'm up for it. This one probably won't start in a long time since the Battles for the Rings is only halfway through Animewise.