It's all of those "What Ifs" that sometimes save your life. The freakish accidents and turn of events today could have quite possibly saved my life and kept me away from serious bodily harm.

The past forty eight hours have been really a blur of fucked up events, some beyond my control, and others totally within my power to control.

It's been nothing short of a rollercoaster. I've no belt to keep me secure and no bar to prevent me from going flying. No. I've other people and myself to keep me in my seat and hopefully come out in one piece.

So, it comes to a point where it all seems so foul and rotten that I am presented with a choice that I only I have the power to make.

Do I want to cry or laugh?

Today, I am choosing to laugh. I could have died today, and I didn't, and that realization makes all the silly worries and heartaches melt away. I laughed, walking all the way home, and if anyone had seen me they would have thought me crazy.

Tears running down my face, out of breath, and my sides aching. I walked home with laughter ringing so loud that I thought I had dropped my sanity when I decided to clutch my sides. I took in how the sunlight drifted through the trees, the damp ground, fall colors, and how the air felt fresh... How there was one squirrel that seemed to be speaking harshly to another squirrel as they chased each other 'round a tree. The crunch of gravel under my feet, the pull of muscles in my calf, the sway of my hips as I walk down hill, and the wonderful, painful throb of my heart and the crash of my thoughts.

Laughter. It's the most beautiful sound. It's genuine, warm, and full of mirth.

It's wonderful to be here. Keep me company.