Okay. First blog. YEAH!. Okay, I'm fine now. I guess, all I have to say is this; I'm really into this site. I love music, and video games. ... Uh... Oh, I bought an Enrique Iglesias cd, yesterday. The last one he has out! Waaah! Now, I have nothing I am interested in to buy! I have all the Naruto Manga's that my store sells, for this week, and next are being shipped in... I have to wait for those >> <<.... so far I am up to number... -checks the number on manga- >> AH HA! 17. That's the number! Does anybody know how many are in the ENTIRE series? THE ENTIRE SERIES, people. I cannot wait for Halo 4 to come out. 2 WAS SO EASY TO BEAT. But, 3 was sort of difficult. SORT OF. I mean, I play games like... I play them like I breathe. It's so... natural. I play and I sometimes act out some moves I can do on fighting games in real life, because I have seen them so much.. It's really easy to figure out how the creator(s) made the character move. It's really interesting. I would love to tell you sometime! Haha. I could talk on here forever ... Well, before this gets any longer... I shall depart. Farewell, you. Whom ever you may be, Good night, sweet dreams... ~Djsox--^