After Madara was introduced the narrow minded claimed that he was the strongest Akatsuki. Despite Madara?s records these people insist that he is above Pein simply because he gave Pein orders, and wasn?t torn to pieces the next moment for doing so. For those who need to be reminded about Madara?s achievements here is a short summary:

- Lost to Shodai
- Was hiding for 50 years
- Lost to Yondaime with the help of Kyuubi
- Ran from Sanbi
- Ran from Deidara
- Ran/hid from Sasuke
- My personal favorite: On the page where we first see him in his full glory Jiraiya reminds us how bad he really is by emphasizing how hard he was beaten by Wood Hokage.

Let us see however what kind of Akatsuki strength ladder can be concluded from this pretty strange logic of rating people just by the size of their mouth:

The first Akatsuki argument we know about was obviously weasel vs. Orochimaru, and since Orochimaru admitted being weaker than weasel, the picture where weasel actually manages to squeeze out a few words (pretty rare sight) is unnecessary. I?ll post it anyway for the incredulous:


Weasel tried to act cool this time by being as silent as ever, but couldn?t resist talking when he was advised to by one of his superiors:


Now the part which supposedly makes Madara stronger than Pein, and at the same moment another part of the manga where Pein treats his fellow Akatsukian with a lot more respect than he treats Madara:


Obviously saying ?I know? makes a person inferior.

Moving on to the higher tier, Zetsu simply destoys Madara on this page: