1. These Gods have the power to wipe out entire civilizations with a single glance.

2. They have the good looks to make any woman fall head over heels for them, even men turn gay for them (just look at Naruto).

3. Their verbal pwnage leave anyone speechless.

4. Their fingers can pwn even Satan himself.

5. Their presence alone would make any GB users/members wish they were born Uchihas so that they could kill that pathetic Hyuuga clan, along with Zetsu.

6. Mentioning their names, make even demons crap their pants.

7. God Uchiha Itachi and God Uchiha Madara fell from the left and right eyes of the God Uchiha Izanagi, while God Uchiha Sasuke fell from his nose. Legend has it, that after that, God Uchiha Chuck fell from God Uchiha Izanagi's ass.

8. Copyrights came after the Uchihas raped the world.

9. The Bible was inpired by The Adventures of Uchiha Sasuke, aka Little Jesus.

10. The Greek Gods were also inspired by the Uchihas.

11. Words like own, pwn, bitch slapped and rape came to be in our vocabulary after Uchihas pwned, owned, bitch slapped and raped the world.

12. According to the old scrolls of the Uchihas, there are three kind of people; Dick, Asshole, and Pussy. Uchihas are Dicks, Naruturds are Pussies and GB are assholes.

13. Once there was a unbeatable shinobi called PnJ until he met the Uchihas.

14. The Uchiha are Gods, because either you belive in them or you don't. (Kaminari)

15. They doesn't lack Hatred, and Hatred is what runs the world. (Dementia)

16. Because the Akatsuki Leader shivers in fear once he hears that Sasuke is after him and his organization. (Jonas)

17. Clearly, the AL is worried about an Uchiha coming after his organization. I could almost feel the fear and his voice trembling, and I was just reading the spoiler. (Seiko)

18. Masashi Kishimoto created the Narutoverse, and then he sent down the God Tribe knows as Uchiha to rule over it. (Kaminari)

19. Sasuke's tears cure cancer, too bad he never cries. (Devilguy)

20. When Uchihas go on a diet they can only pwn Demons.

21. When Uchihas want a real challange, they fight Uchihas.

22. Kakashi Hatake became legendary with just one Uchiha eye. If one eye = legendary, imagine what a whole body can do. (SabakuNoPara)

23. Uchihas has two speeds: Walk and Kill. (Kaminari)

24. When people try to scare Uchihas, their heart beats doesnt skip. (Jonas)

25. When Uchihas scare other people though, they die from heart attacks. (Jonas)

26. The Uchiha Gods own a pet that makes mountains crumble with a swing of its tails. (Seiko)

27. The Uchiha Gods eat Death Gods for breakfast. (Seiko)

28. Ninjas want to grow up to be just like Uchihas. But usually they grow up just to be killed by Uchihas. (Kaminari)

29. An emotionless Root Anbu took one look at the Sharingan and peed his pants. (Seiko)

30. Never piss off an Uchiha. He will grow wings and stomp you into the ground. (Seiko)

31. Naruto once tried to carve Sasuke's face into the Hokage Monument, but the granite wasn't hard enough for his hair. (Kaminari)

32. Itachi saw Sasuke's future and realised that the universe cannot hold that much Uchiha awesomeness, so the rest of the clan had to go. (SabakuNoPara)

33. The joke what did the hand said to the face was inpired by Sasuke bitch slapping Kyuubi.

34. The Uchihas are the only clan with two bloodline traits. Sharingan and Ownage. (Sorrow-Tear's Champion)

35. The Will of Fire is a flickering candleflame compared to the inferno that is Uchiha. (Sorrow-Tear's Champion)

36. The Uchihas drives an ice cream truck covered in shinobis skulls. (Da_GodFather)

37. Hatred is the breakfast of champions and Will of Fire is a snack for chumps. (Kempachi_Uchiha)

38. 70% of an average person consists of water. 70% of an Uchiha consists of win. (Deniz)

39. For someone to challenge an Uchiha, it's as if the worm has challenged the hawk. However when beneath the hawks gaze, the worm does what a worm does best. Squirms. (Sorrow-Tear's Champion)

40. The Uchihas drive a ice cream truck full of shinobi skulls (Da_GodFather)

41. Once a cobra bit Sasuke's leg. After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died. (Kaminari)

42. The nuclear explosions witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not caused by atomic bombs. The explosions were the results of two Uchiha children practicing their katon jutsus. (Doggystyle)

43. A Tsunami is water fleeing from an Uchiha (Kaminari)

44. A Tsunami is water fleeing from an Uchiha (Kaminari)

45. Uchihas are so hard they can punch you in the soul. (SabakuNoPara)

46. If a male Uchiha were to have sex with a man, it wouldn't be because he's gay, it'd be because all the women died from sexual exhaustion. (SabakuNoPara)

47. Uchihas are extremely intelligent; they know the meanings of every word in existance, except for the word 'fail'. (SabakuNoPara)

48. The Uchihas beat the sun in a staring contest. (Seiko)

49. The statement "Doing it DOGGYSTYLE" became widely known when Uchihas pwned and repeatedly raped the nine-tailed bitch Kyuubi. (Doggystyle)

50. Because the Uchiha's sharingan erases the word "impossible" in the dictio!(crayons)

51.Tobi wears a mask because his face is too glorious for mere commoners to see (Halo)

52.Uchiha's shit means pawnage...(Nerzul)

50. An Uchiha can fool the greatest genius in the universe a thousand times with the same trick. (Epiphany26)

51. "Dabbi wrote the song "Blue" after he got gang raped by the Uchihas"

52. 51. Once upon a time there was a man that didn't respect the Uchiha. He is no more. (Woozie)

53. Itachi is like zeus king of the gods, killing his own clan(like zeus did the titans) so he and hes brother(like Zeus and his brothers) could be the only gods" (kyuubifan)

54."The main purpose of the Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu is not to kill but to incinerate the slain corpses. When Uchihas use it to attack, it is because they already see their target as a corpse." (Epiphany)

55. "When mortal Ninja's face Godly Uchiha shinobi's, they dont think on how to fight, they think how fast itll be before theyll hit the solid ground DEAD!" (Kyuubifan)

56. Because of the Uchihas, people had to create a new unit of measurement, the DPS (Deaths per Second). (Epiphany26)

57. Does anyone remember that Hidden Cloud never participated in the Chuunin exam. They heard that an Uchiha was entering and decided that it just wasn't worth it with the casualties that would follow. (Kaminari)

58. Kishimoto begged Itachi for permission to hold him back against Jiraiya in Part I because then the story would have been over if Itachi was not such a nice guy. (Kenpachi_Uchiha)

59. "When mortal Ninja's face Godly Uchiha shinobi's, they dont think on how to fight, they think how fast itll be before theyll hit the solid ground DEAD!" (Kyuubifan)

60. "And thus Itachi sama left Uchiha mountain, and descended upon the mortal realm to teach them the meanings of Ownage"

The raise of Itachi san, Uchiha bible, chapter 2. (Kyuubifan)

61. "...And thus the humans saw a power to be, shining under the lights of heaven...as they knew he was the one...he was an Uchiha".

The Uchiha bible, chapter 3, The first discovery of an Uchiha in Narutoverse. (Kyuubifan)

62. "And so it came to be, knowing the ancient prophecy is near, that Itachi sama took his godly skill killing the fallen gods in a single sweep...leaving Only he and his brother young god Sasuke to be. As the future of the world will rest in the godly feats...as the eternal Sharingan Eyes never sleeps"

future battle of the ages. Itachi vs Sasuke...god Vs god, book 3 of Uchiha wars. (Kyuubifan)

63. "Thus they all shall see...non belivers through share fear, the godly power of our clan, survivng the unholly fires of the depths of hell, raising to rule yet again"

Return of a god, Sasuke vs Deidara, chapter 363 (Kyuubifan)

64. "When even the most feared shinobis of all the villages hear that an Uchiha is in a 100KM radius, they flee the scene with tremendous fear...such is the power of Uchiha just by name." (Kyuubifan)

65. "The 4th hokage was so skilled, that a flee-on-sight order was given to enemy shinobis if they see him...On the other hand, there are shinobis even more powerfull that a hara-kiri(kill urself) order was given when they see an Uchiha...the enemey villager kages said that it was better than suffering the pain when actully going into a battle with a god." (Kyuubifan)