So yes, it's back to work again after a very quick feeling weekend. I enjoy my work, dont get me wrong, but if i could have the choice of sleep, listening to music and more sleep, i'd take that anyday of the week XD

At least i have the ICT office to myself these days, I can work and listen to Primus (which is what I'm doing now)

I find people constantly judge me by my grindcore music aptitude. Any music i recommend people outside of NF people automatically presume it's grindcore. In fact I have never recommended any grindcore bands to anyone that hasn't asked for grindcore because I know it's a very hit and miss genre. It's just the usual "dont judge a book by its cover" rant I 'spose

I should really rant this stuff to my lj, i know some other people would appreciate a long overdue livejournal rant, but i really can't be fucked if i am gonna be completely honest, i couldn't give a toss. There is a lot i cant give a toss about, and that is one of them.

Toss, such an english term, or a London one at least.

Ah well