It has happened, really and truly this time. My addiction has become full blown. Why this has happened, I have no idea- it didn't even happen when a chapter in which Sasuke appeared in- but my addiction is now enough to fill me with relative panic.

Behold my life, wanderer, and despair in my place, so that I may not deal with it.

It is not like I have a special relationship with Sasuke. I've never met the man (honestly, he IS a character in a manga- but one can not help hoping). And yet, as I read Twilight, whenever Edward and Bella were together, I responded the same way Bella did, in the long run, towards Sasuke, in place of Edward.

The great poet was right when he told us mortals that we be fools.

And now I have progressed to New Moon, and only two chapters in, Edward has become so distant. And my mind is suddenly in a strange drift, as if I have landed in a snowstorm, calming the winds for a brief second as it takes in my surroundings and decides to blow all the harder.

Panic at the thought of Sasuke being like that to me.

Alas, Dear Diary, tis now a time for me to silence myself. I have no more to say, or at least, no way to say it.