Well, it's day two of being a mod. Things are going well and going smooth regardless of a couple of people who may be annoyed at my modding (take it up with Del, not me, but i'm sure he'll tell you something to extent of "like it or lump it" XD)

Today was boring at work, really boring. I'm so glad i have my music and I sometimes fall into this mode of thought where no one can have the same types of feelings i have for a particular piece than me. I'm sure everyone gets that and to me, that's what makes good music very beautiful.

Heck, i'll be honest, i havent come across anything i will abstutely call "bad music" in the last 4 years. Nothing, just different styles and tastes. I'm flexiable, i'm open. Heck, 4 years ago i would have never listened to hip hop, now im listening to ChinoXL, Mos Def, MFDoom and the like almost daily. Sure it's not my fort? (and i never will pretend to make it so) but by god do i enjoy it.

I must say though, i love nederhop. Not just coz of my Dutch connections, but there is something about listening to someone flow words out in a language you can't decipher. It makes me want to take it all in, soak it up even more. Not because i want to understand, but, i dunno actually. I really dont.

Ah well

How was Eid my muslim friends?

How was your day my non-muslim friends?