Got bored today, started working on my TTGL Respect Thread.

Here it is in case anyone is interested, or even reads my blog.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann respect thread.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a super robot anime made by studio Gainax, inhabited by humans, beastmen, and anti spirals. Humans and beastmen pilot powerful mechs called Ganmen, while anti spirals control seeming hordes of mechanized ships called Mugan.

Ganmen are powered by fighting spirit, and thus can keep operating as long as they are in good repair. Furthermore, if enough fighting spirit is produced, Ganmen can go beyond their usual limits. Besides the Gurren Lagann itself, this has only been done once by Kamina in a newly acquired Gurren, so the fighting spirit required to do so is a truly substantial amount.
As you can see here, Kamina has pushed Gurren so hard that it ripped its own limbs off in combat.

Furthermore, many Ganmen have the ability to transform into a different shape.
Adine?s Ganmen can go from this

To this

The shapes are usually designed around specific purposes and some Ganmen are capable of shifting into a combinable form, with varying degrees of success.
Also something to note: all Ganmen are designed with Spiral Tech, allowing them to bypass the dimensional barriers that surround the Mugan.

Mugan are the faceless drones of the Anti Spiral military. Despite being so plentiful, and according to all current evidence unmanned, they still make for dangerous foes.
All Mugan are surrounded by a dimensional barrier that renders all physical attacks worthless, as they are absorbed into whatever pocket dimension surrounds the Mugan. The two most effective methods of disposing Mugan are energy beams, and physical weapons augmented by Spiral Tech.