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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann respect thread.

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Notable Mechs


The Lagann makes up part of the titular duo, and is arguably the only real super robot on the show as all other combinations draw on the Lagann?s power. The Lagann is labeled by Lordgenome as one of the ultimate weapons created by the spirals in their prime. While not the most powerful force in the series by itself, it contains the ability to combine with other mechs and vastly augment their power. This operation was dubbed by Simon to be ?Lagann Impact?.
Lagann Impact

In addition to this power, Lagann has some very impressive combat feats of its own, second only to the titular mech of the series in any of its incarnations.

When Simon had the will to fight, he used his small mech to lift his vastly larger opponent, pictured here through the roof of his underground village and into the air.

Lagann?s drill is extremely powerful, and the use of it constitutes it?s most impressive combat feat. Powered by both Simon and Nia, the Lagann destroyed the much larger Lazengann, a mech similar to the Gurren Lagann piloted by Lordgenome.

Gurren Lagann

The titular mech of the series, the Gurren Lagann is actually a combination of the Gurren Ganmen with the Lagann, the Lagann?s ability to greatly augment the Gurren?s power giving this mech its extraodinary abilities.

To begin with, the Gurren Lagann is extremely durable, and is able to create forcefields to protect itself from damage. Perhaps the most dramatic example of the field was during Kamina?s battle with Tylimph, where he proved to the member of the Big Four that the beam could not pierce his hand.

Gurren Lagann?s greatest feat of physical durability was surviving being crushed and grinded by a combination of Tepplin and a fortress Ganmen. Consequentially, Gurren Lagann lifting up the combined weight of the two structures and reversing their spin (they were spinning fast enough to create a tornado that was sucking up giant Ganmen from a good distance away) is the greatest feat of physical strength that Gurren Lagann demonstrates.

For reference, this is the size of Tepplin. Couldn?t get a good shot of it in its non combat phase (it transforms from a city to a fighting machine), but these should give you a good general idea.

For another perspective on just how massive Tepplin was, look at all those towers falling off it in the first shot as it makes the change to its fighting phase. The Gurren Lagann hefted Tepplin into the air with all those towers attached; now look closely at how big one of those towers is when it fell to the ground here.

The Gurren Lagann has also shown the ability to repair and/or regenerate damaged and/or missing parts of its body.

Drill Abilities

Some of the most dangerous and destructive abilities of the Gurren Lagann are the various things it does with drills. Seemingly able to create drills out of nowhere, and of varying sizes, Gurren Lagann can put these drills to creative and often devastating use.

Among abilities shown are:
-Creating and firing hundreds of rocket propelled drills at various targets simultaneously
-?Drilling? its way through water, propelling itself at high velocities by rapidly displacing water using a hollowed out drill
-Shooting out drills and remotely activating them to collapse a large overhang instantaneously

Giga Drill Abilities

These abilities go beyond normal drill abilities, and are usually activated in a particularly heated situation.

Giga Drill Breaker

The original, and certainly the most dramatic. This move fires twin copies of the Gurren Lagann?s shades to pin an opponent?s limbs to the side, and then impales them with a single Giga Drill.

Energy Absorption

The Gurren Lagann is capable of absorbing and redirecting projectile energy by use of its Giga Drills. While before the Gurren Lagann was upgraded by Leeron it showed a limit of absorbable energy to be about nuclear capacity, after the upgrade the Gurren Lagann was able to remotely absorb and redirect enough energy to cover a large portion of the moon in explosions.
The moon feat; note how after the energy was taken in by the drill, the drill was detached and the energy controlled without physical contact form the Gurren Lagann.

Giga Drill Maximum

Simon used this once when surrounded on all sides by Mugan to absorb their energy attacks. It produces the maximum amount of Giga Drills available to the Gurren Lagann at once, covering it much like a porcupine. When energy is absorbed in this fashion, it is released in an explosive shockwave right from the surface of the Gurren Lagann, which also severely damages the mech.

This was performed before the Gurren Lagann received its upgrade from Leeron.