Halloween was quite the eventful day.

The oddities began when the van that takes Child away every day came back to the house at 12:30 and was honking outside the door.

Ths was not a good thing at all.

You see.. usually, Childs van brings him back here at about 3:30ish. I think the driver was a little confused with daylights savings time coming up and all, it's understandable.

Anyways, I let the driver know that they had made a mistake by turning the volume on the tv up and ignoring the constant honkings. But apparantly they are not educated in the ways of subtle hints.

Wife: I just got a phonecall from the school! Adams already home!
Me: Who?
Wife: *sigh* Child
Me: Yeah, I already knew that..
Wife: Quick, get out there and get him!
Me: But it's not 3:30 yet

She kind of gave me one of those stares that told me politely to please go do this for her.. Okay, she whooped me with the nearest sharp object and I decided that it was healthier at this time for me to retreive Child from the van.. even though it wasn't 3:30 yet.

I'm that nice.

Well this wasn't the end to the oddities. It was coming up to around 5pm and Child, Kid and Baby decided that they wanted to dress up as ninja's and go threaten some old people into giving them candy.

Me: You're letting them do this?
Wife: Yeah...
Me: Dress up as ninja's and steal candy from old people?
Wife: Not quite like that but basically.. yeah.
Me: Can I come?
Wife: ... you better..
Me: Did you know that I love you.
Wife: If you value your life you will be silent right about now.

Who was I to argue.. free candy!

So we dress up as ninja's and go to the nearest old person home.

Me: Crap.. looks like someone thought about this before us..
Wife: It's halloween.. everyones doing it..

I couldn't beleive my luck!
Jumping out the car I sneaked behind the nearest bush, stealthy.. silent.. I was invisible in the night.

Me: Crap.. Baby get back here!

It seemed Baby didn't share my stealthiness as he charged towards the house head on. I couldn't complain for to long though, his method in a direct attack seemed to work as the old person handed him over plenty of candy.

Child was the next to go in. He whispered something in the persons ear and they poured the entire candy bowl into his bag looking a little scared. I'm not sure what he said but I did hear a strange beeping coming from his body as he walked past me.

Kid was waiting for me to make my move... so in I went. I decided to stick to my stealth attack and karate chopped the old person in the neck from behind.
Unfortunately I wasn't stealthy enough and other little things that were also trying to steal this persons candy didn't like the idea that I beat them to it.

They totally ratted me out.

Don't worry though, with a little smooth talking Wife managed to persuade the cops that I was mentally handicapped and I'm all safe at home.

I'm going to try a new tactic tonight, hopefully it's more successfull.