Due to my brother's incessant whining, I was forced to watch the Michael Bay TF movie for the second time. Since I had nearly died from the first viewing (due to the combination of watching a shitty movie and choking on a Zours), I wasn't exactly thrilled. Since my opinions on the movie haven't changed, so just look for my big post on pg 35 of the movie thread.

My posting here is about not the movie, but the movie's fans. Now, I can understand why some people would like this movie, especially if they weren't familiar with G1.

However, they are relentless in defending it. You say ONE little thing that you don't like about the movie, and they jump on you like you had just raped their mother (she was hitting on me!) Some people just can't accept that there are people who don't like what they do, and that doesn't make them wrong. I swear, they're as bad as Endgame (I pray you never know who that is).

Anyway, this movie could've been great. Hell, it could've been better than Beast Wars! It simply had to be, ya know, a Transformers movie!

You see, every 5 years or so, a movie comes along. A movie that doesn't do well at the box office. A movie that says "Fuck You!" to the casual moviegoers and is clearly made for the fans. This almost never happens. When it does however, it's a fan's dream. For example, if they ever actually make that Deadpool movie, it'll be one of those movies. It wouldn't even have to try to. A movie like Deadpool would fly right over the heads of the general public. In short, Transformers 2007 could've been the greatest piece of the collection if it had taken that road.

Well that's it for now.