Top Ten things said by people around me that show they lack any knowledge of Naruto.

1. "Isn't Naruto going to be the next Orochimaru?" - Jake (meant "Hokage")

2. "Thanks for the candy...SASUKE!" - Some kid about 9 - 10 (I was dressed up as a Konoha Chunin with the vest and headband)

3. " mean that guy with the eyes?" - Jake (this literally made no sense to me, unless he was referring to Itachi)

4. "Thunder Blade!" - Ryan (shouted out during a rather intense Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 battle between Kakashi and Naruto)

5. "It's not like I want to watch Naruto. It's just always on at f___king 8:30 and I always f___ing change the channel to f___ing Cartoon Network" - Marco (didn't explain why he doesn't just change the channel after)

6. "What? I thought we were watching Bleach? Isn't that guy in the yellow f___ed up hair Ichigo?" - Jake (We were watching Naruto's battle against Gaara in the Invasion arc; he claimed later he was just joking)

7. "Yeah they are the three sand ninja." - Sean (referring to the Three Sannin)

"Whoa, Naruto is the Fourth Hokage's son man." - Ryan (said after seeing a picture of both without previous knowledge of it)

9. "That's sad" - Jake (when Hinata lost to Neji in the Chunin prelims)

10. "Sasuke is that guy who's emo right?" - Jake