Worse game of my life (during it anyway).

1. Thought XLII was "62" and kept calling it that until someone referred to it as "42".

2. Fell down six stairs, spilling sprite on three people.

3. Forgot it was my friend's birthday despite people wishing him "Happy Birthday" until the very end of the game when they brought out his cake

4. It was at his house. :facepalm

5. It was his birthday party, but I was under the impression it was a Super Bowl Party :facepalm

6. Laughed at a commercial no one found funny

7. Claimed Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix was an "excellent movie"

8. I saw the movie :facepalm

9. Refused to bet people that the Giants would win by 3 (they did)

10. Sat on my friend's airsoft gun; it went off and hit my friend in the ass (well maybe not)