A lot of people are complaining that Halo 3 didn't get a few major GOTY awards. They're rationalization of this is "OMG [insert critic here] is a n00b it's friggin Halo COD4 is 4 n00bs" etc. etc. I agree that Halo 3 is a great, enjoyable game. I am a long time Halo player. But I honestly do not think Halo 3 deserved Game of the Year. It's main competition was Call of Duty 4. Let's see (Halo fanboyism aside) how the games actually stand up next to each other.

Round 1 - Presentation

Call of Duty 4 comes with a great, if short, campaign, and a hugely deep multiplayer mode. My main complaint is the lack of online split screen.

Halo 3 however, has the singularly most complete console game package ever, with a film feature, a map editor, huge community and endlessly replayable campaign, Halo 3 takes the cake in this category.

Halo 3 - 1
COD4 - 0

Round 2 - Sound & Graphics

Call of Duty 4 has incredible sound, with believable voices, and accurate weapon sounds, not to mention the best graphics in gaming. Ever (Yeah go cry yourselves to sleep Crysis fanboys)

Halo 3 has an amazing musical score, but the rest of the sound is a bit bland and the graphics, while having top notch particle and lighting effects, leave a bit to be desired (with some textures being just plain embarrassing)

Halo 3 - 1
COD4 - 1


Call of Duty 4 has gameplay deeper than Halo's, with possibly the best console FPS control scheme yet devised. Battles have just the right pace and the game feels really tight. An incredible campaign and endlessly deep (note DEEP, not ADDICTIVE) multiplayer push this over the top.

Halo 3 has tried and true gameplay, and the campaign, while good, has one level that is so atrociously bad that you may not ever finish it. And after a while, the multiplayer battles begin to feel really samey.

Halo 3 - 1
COD4 - 2

Final Round- Fun Factor

Now this is a tough one because this is usually opinion. But I can say that Call of Duty 4 is some of the most fun I've had playing a video game. The campaign made me feel like I was part of the action and the multiplayer has something about it that puts a smile on my face (not to mention a much lower frustration and asstard percentage than Halo 3 )

Halo, while fun at first, just feels like more of the same. It may be excellent, but it doesn't give you an ear to ear grin and say "cool"

Halo 3 - 1
COD4 - 3

This is why COD4 gets my vote for GOTY. Thank you for reading, and remember, the is only an opinion.