Here's what I think of the pairings everyone's fighting about.

NaruHina-I support it but I think there isn't enough Shippuden developmnet, Hinata doesn't even appear that much either. I'm hoping for something to happen, even though Kishi isn't big on romance.
Ah well, I have fanfiction...
NaruSaku-I believe that NaruSaku does have its points of credibility, but I really think Naruto and Sakura's relationship is more of a friendly, teammate one. Naruto did have strong feelings for Sakura, but it was more of a childish crush, whereas Sakura's crush on Sasuke developed more into the series (think to Sasuke Retrieval arc). In Shippuden, Sakura did acknowledge Naruto more than being a pest, and maybe she had some feelings for him, but Sasuke was number one.
SasuNaru-This one's mostly paired by the fans, unless Kishi is planning to write a yaoi manga
SasuSaku-I support this pairing mildly, but I prefer LeeSaku. The thing with Sakura and Sasuke is that the romance is mostly one-sided and if Sasuke did have feelings for Sakura, they probably ended at part 1. The main goal in Sasuke's life is to kill Itachi, he probably didn't have any thoughts on having a girlfriend or becoming a great ninja. I noticed that he showed some feelings for Sakura in the early episodes, like in the Forest of Death where he thought of her as a teammate and protected her. He probably didn't feel this wayfor long, though, when Itachi came back and that became his sole purpose. Until Itachi is killed, I don't think Sasuke will really like Sakura romantically.

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