It's funny how society aimlessly runs through life, doing the mundane things which we call life. So much so, life becomes routine. Predictably I've fallen into this same category, which for now is unavoidable. As I sit here in my office and attempt to reflect on my life in comparison to my colleagues around me; I seamlessly blend in with the anxieties I guess are common amongst man. Every morning my day starts at 6:30 am. I hit the snooze button, roll over for 5 minutes, than force myself out of that 4 our sleep, wishing I went to bed a few hours earlier. I than brush my teeth, and get dressed and before I know it, I am on Route 287 south, driving with thousands of other people who followed there lives routine that morning. Is this what I will do for the next 50+ years of my life, its no wonder people "live for the weekend." But even weekends seem a blur and I'm right back Monday morning routinely following my morning ritual. I'm not so much dissatisfied with life, I guess I just wish for a change up, some spontaneous event to happen that would alleviate and introduce something, anything different. Till than, I'll see you all on Route 287.

Matt Dillon