It's past one in the morning in my place. 2007 has passed and I'm presently into the first few hours of the new year. Well, being the typical New Year's post that this is supposed to be, I'd like to look back on the year that has passed.

2007 has been a good year. I got myself a new and formal job early last year after months of being a freelancer. Right now, I'm eight months in the new company that I work for, and I have to say, I love my current job. But of course, I have bigger goals to fulfill, and my current job is what I consider my stepping stone into fulfilling those goals of mine. :amuse

Oh yeah, I finally also got to own a car. Even though it's a hand-down one, I'm okay with it. As long as it can take me to places where I want to go, it's all good. :pleased

Honestly, nothing that much, but I consider it good anyway. I wouldn't know what 2008 holds for me, but of course, I wish for greater and grander things, whatever those are.

To you, the reader, who probably wasted some time reading this post, thank you again. I wish you a happy new year for 2008. :whoo