It's been months since I last posted and checked out my own NF blog. Well, after seeing some comments in my two other posts, at least that made me feel that hey, someone does read my stuff. :pleased

Anyway, as the title suggests, this post if your typical Christmas post. Some would probably be dishing one-liner posts with "Merry Christmas" on it, with some graphics and what not. As for me, I'll just be dishing some thoughts that I have for the holidays.

I've been celebrating Christmas with my immediate family (parents and siblings) for God knows how many years. Admit it, we were like so damn excited for Christmas when we were kids, and I was like that. But I realized that as I grow older, that excitement diminishes. And for this year, yes, I spent the Eve with the same people. Not that I'm complaning, I actually like it. I mean, there are people who can't be with their families for Christmas, and I'm lucky enough to be with mine. Eventually, I will find myself away from my family on one Christmas, and I can't deny that it would definitely be a change from the usual Christmas that I've been experiencing for years.

For a change, I want to celebrate Christmas with someone I love. I guess I've been watching too much anime that had Christmas as its setting, and I noticed that Christmas seems to be more of a "lovers' holiday". Right now, I'm pretty much single and unattached to any girl. I could come up with a lot of "excuses" on why I'm like this - because of my work, because of my priorities in life, etc., but I realize that my life has been getting boring lately.

I don't know if getting into a relationship will bring forth some "excitement" into my life, heck, I'm pretty much contented if I had a girl friend. I admit, I really don't know much about girls. I could sound like the typical spineless male harem protagonist who hasn't get down with a girl for X years in his entire life. But then again, I'm not really like that. I had interactions with girls. I have female colleagues for starters, but I never had anyone of them as a friend. I never aimed for that in the first place, but now, I wanted to at least know more about girls at least by becoming friends with one.

I'm not getting any younger and eventually, I may have to settle down with someone and have a family. But I don't want to charge into a relationship without knowing anything. I've been so dedicated to my craft and hobbies that I've never imagined myself getting into a relationship. I honestly don't know if someone will come into my life or I'll find the one by myself. God knows that, definitely, and I wish that He at least give me some signs.

Yes, I may sound so desperate, but I can't deny that. Who knows, next Christmas, I could probably see myself spending it with someone I love. :wink

Anyway, the random stuff ends here. To you, the reader, thanks for spending time to read some stuff from a desperate person like me, and I do wish for you to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2008. :nod