I have to make a sad blog today lovely peoples,

In memory of an awesome guy;
The Wolverhampton
Ring Road Tramp.


The Wolverhampton Ring Road Tramp was an epic guy, he lived in a tent in the trees for like, 30 years or something, and bless his little cotton socks, he used to always sweep up the leaves and keep everything clean and tidy ;___;


All the people looked after him and gave him food and stuff 'cause he was really cool ;__;

I found out today that he died, he was like, 87 years old ;______;
he lived through the war and everything! And he was always so happy! And he's a total legend!



Theres a Myspace page and facebook page in tribute of this awesome guy.
And hopefully there will be a statue in memory of him


His death was on the news, and in the paper and everything ;__;
National paper too! thats how much of a legend he is!!

I made a poem for Mr Wolverhampton Ring Road Tramp;

Ring Road Tramp we love thee,
Living near the decrepid tree,
Cleaning paths and stories of war,
That is what we love you for.
Piles of leaves you had made,
We all think you should have got paid,
You've got a Facebook and Myspace,
Because we think you're really ace.
So here's to you our Ring Road friend,
Your legacy will never end.

We love you
Ring Road Tramp!!!