Can you feel your heart tear apart through stupidity and malice and hatred when you realize it all comes crashing down in some twisted malevolent nightmare where perfect lies and broken promises rule the world and tears mean nothing but lash out in anger anyway we tell you its ok but this heart's made of glass and soon the weight will cave it in spider webbed cracks along the surface this clue just wont hold any longer the weight is too much but we try harder and in the end my dear it all amounts to nothing just the throbbing pain and fear and hate raw emotion controls and guides and there's nothing left on the inside of this hollow shell created just for you we wait all day and all night stay comfortable in this hell we created and wait making decisions based on words that were never followed through And you wonder is this the punishment for careless actions is this meant to cut to the core placing the decay as it spreads and consumes and once again you hope that it isnt true yet still time crawls on pain bubbles in your chest burning in your throat hot tears so desperate to spill but you fight and choke to keep it back not for your sanity but for theirs.