1. A Real World where 7 strangers live in a mansion, are expected to pay rent, find their own job, and aren't casted to play a "token role." (e.g. token manslut, token slut, token gay, token black, token other minority, token prude, and the occasional token Asian that gets the shaft)

2. A Sweet Sixteen where underprivileged teens who contribute to the community are rewarded with a lavish birthday party or a spoiled brat who's constant disrespect towards their parents result in the cancellation of their party.

3. Dating shows where contestants aren't reading off cue cards and doing a crappy acting job.

4. More True Life.

5. Shows that actually talk and play the latest music I mean, I thought this was a cable channel on music right?

6. Pseudo celebrity shows that make them compete against one another rather than document their tedious life of being a D-list celebrity trying to become famous again. Ashley Parker LAMEgel anyone?

7. Punks that are actually funny and make celebrities cry just like Justin Timberlake did when he thought his dog was taken from him.

8. Marathons of other channels' more successful and entertaining shows. ANTM and VH1 Celebreality shows are already there, lets start broadcasting Iron Chef!

9. Political shows that are actually broadcasted throughout the year rather than in the months prior to the presidential election.

10. Did I mention music?

Oh and this list just proves how senile and old I've become.