Another sequel to a summer movie....I dunno. This is a movie between summer and fall. After the Di Vichi Code and Harry Potter...I'm not trusting any movie that has to do with novel. But I never read of Bourne so what the heck? Why not risk it?

This third part of the triology start after the second part. to start....I wanna say the chase but I was somewhat. but it does put me in the edge on the seat. Aparrety, the writer found something secreat, CIA want him dead and Webb (or Bourne) tried to keep him alive...but failed. Next, that chick...what's her name...Nicky Parsons, helps him after Daniels ran away so TO SPAIN....and yes...Daniels get blown up. Parsons was about to get shot but Bourne saves her and went into hiding. Bourne return to USA but I'll leave u to find out the ending. (You'll like it)

This trilogy is much better then RH3. The story take part right after Supremecy and it will give you a great time...from start to end. My cousin told me that he hate this movie because it is boring....that which make movies bad like...Ultraviolent and Underworld Elvolution. TBU comes with a great story, chase scenes, charater devoplment, Spain, New York, and good ending...for only 8 bucks. The production is great, maybe because the people on the background aren't actor but real civilan and real place (so Spain chase was....shot in Spain) and the fact that the people didn't know that they were shooting a movie.

TBU is a great example of a great movie, maybe since the old time. I give it a big star (2/2, 5/5, 10/10, whatever u think)