Nobody really wants to know who you are.

The people you don't know, they're not interested in you. Perhaps you could even tell them anything, because they don't know enough or don't care enough to really know the significance of it all.
Someone close to you, they'll hear where you came from, where you are, what you like and don't like, what you do, everything you like about yourself and all the little faults you find with yourself.
They can even know you, and everything that makes you imperfect, and all the things about you that aren't what they like.
But actually tell them about those shortcomings, the real ones, and it's game over. Acceptance? It's what happens when someone sees all your flaws and then puts a blinder over them. Bring them to the front, and that's gone. Just gone.

Nobody's perfect. That's why we lie and hide and put up walls. Because not one of us can settle for anything less.

The walls won't be coming down for anyone else. You're the beginning and the end. Because even if you can deal with the truth, I can't take that chance with anyone else. There aren't many people with as much grace as you.