As you are all aware... I am Kishimoto.

Now I come to you with the truth.

Many people have tried to find the truth behind Naruto, some may even know.

The truth behind Naruto.. is that it is real.

Chakra actually exists within each and every one of us and there are training methods which can bring your potential out.
There are even people among us with the ancient bloodlines within them.
The purpose of Naruto was to bring together many people who all share the Will Of Fire, and flush out the one person who actually possesses the legendary Sharingan.

I intend to make the first ever anime religion, and this is the real reason I have created Naruto for you. In this religion people shall live by the rules of anime, maybe one day with enough people a island will be able to be bought to house everyone of this religion so we may rejoice together.

I emplore you, a leader must be chosen and it cannot be me. This leader must unite all anime fans as one and create the Holy Bible of Anime. The followers of this religion will follow the laws of this Bible and one day we will unite to form the largest most superior religion ever known to mankind.

Once enoguh people are following this religion, slowly, over time, the ninja within will begin to emerge and we will begin to see the full potential of the human body.

Feel free to create your Holy Bible of Anime, put it online and post a link in the comments section, the leader will be clear.

I am Kishimoto.. and I have spoken.

( Next Time: Training Methods Revealed!!! )