The Thoughts and Rants of a Prince ~Chapter 01~

The Dark Law Chapter: Don't F*ck with me while I'm watching anime


probably the most accurate expression that matches mine right now.

So much anime and manga, so little time. 24 hours in a day just isn't enough. I have so much stuff to watch but at times there are so many damn distractions. If I'm not being called to do something then someone is telling me about stuff I'd rather not hear (I turn off my brain then anyways). Then there's coming into my room. One of my greatest annoyances is having my TV on at the same time I'm watching something on my computer (something that is done by my niece at times). I'm a strangely calm guy in most situations so I don't blow up or anything when such stuff happens but that doesn't mean the temptation isn't there....

So what do I usually do when crap like what I just described happens? I block everything out. It's rather easy really. It's something I mastered years ago. The ability to disconnect myself from listening to things I'd rather not listen to or look at. It's rather helpful in long lectures on campus too but that's besides the point. I probably get the most enjoyment of watching/reading my anime/manga when I'm in this mode as well since I'm able to immerse myself completely into the world of whatever is before me. It's a really good feeling. The most recent immersion was just last night when I was watching the first four episodes of Hunter x Hunter. Good stuff.

In the end, I guess this goes to show that I'm just a guy who doesn't like to be interrupted if it isn't an emergency. I mean seriously, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, right? You wouldn't want me messing around with you when you're doing something you like, RIGHT?

-- Leon-sama