"Winnie the Pooh? What are you doing here at this hour?" Piglet asked nervously.

It was 2 in the morning, a blustery and darkery time of day when visitors were rare. Pooh entered the room slowly, deliberately, his face a blank slate. His hands were covered with a red substance.

"Jam" was Piglet's first thought. He knew his friend Pooh Bear was fond of eating raspberry jam right out of the bottle.

Pooh noticed his little buddy examining his hands, and then looked down at them. A look of horror came across his stuffed, fluffy face as he realized with horror what he'd done.

"P-Piglet... Rabbit's dead."

Piglet was silent. He didn't say anything for several long, awkward moments. They maintained a sort of tense eye contact, until Pooh broke down and began sobbing, dropping to his knees.

"I was drunk, Piglet..I didn't know what I was doing. I told him to sit still and take it...told him to be quiet..but he kept struggling, so I broke the bottle over his head. He went limp but I just kept thrusting until climax..."

Piglet was white in the face now, backing away from his friend in horror. Pooh bear, always the innocent, had raped and killed Rabbit. Piglet suspected that Pooh was here to hide. He felt trapped.

"Does Christopher Robin know?" he asked timidly.

Pooh looked up with sunken, bloodshot eyes. "Christopher Robin's dead."

"C-Come again?"

"He's dead. I knew what would happen if he found out, so I killed him in his sleep."

Piglet's eyes grew wide in abject horror. He felt truly powerless now. Pooh locked the door behind him and came closer. "You do know what I'm going to do to you, right, Piglet?"

The little stuffed animal was trapped. He was faster than Pooh, but Pooh was filled with an alcoholic rage and strength...the shadow of the rapist grew larger....

To be continued?