My uncle is normally a very timid person, and rarely goes to graves to pay respects to his friends, because it hurts him too much.

Previous in my first blog I wrote about my uncle's most recent loss of a friend from a heart attack and the strange blessings that followed. Further things happened that I learned about once I talked to my uncle more about it.

My uncle went to his friend's now unused boat and with the permission of his friend's widow went through and picked up valuable things that the widow felt her spouse would have wanted him to have. Checking his mentor's GPS, he noticed that the last time it was used was on January 8th, 2008; however if you remember his friend passed away shortly after New Years Day.

He went home and told my grandma the story and went to sleep. The next day he awoke and checked his phone's dialed calls. Some time during the night his phone called "(Friend's name) Cell". My uncle was obviously distraught by this, not scared, but just distraught that it was obvious that his fishing mentor was still concerned about my uncle, since before he was always there for him.

My grandma suggested for him to go to his grave, a rare thing for my uncle to do in any regards (he doesn't visit anyones unless it is during a burial). He went that day with some flowers out to the grave, and returned feeling once again, at peace.

Although a lot of things he kept private, he did say he told his mentor to relax and that his widow told my uncle to carry on the new tradition that her husband once did as an excellent fisherman. She said her husband likely wanted my uncle to carry on his memory through fishing, and to implement everything he had learned by fishing for many decades into my uncle's knowledge, to essentially become the "next (friend's name)". My uncle's mentor held a special place in all local fisherman's hearts, which is why New Years was a sober affair for most fellow fisherman.

This kind of showed to everyone around my uncle how truly a great friend he is to his friends and how respected he is. My uncle occasionally at times is rash and grouchy, but underneath it all he truly does care greatly about those around him, including me and my sister.

I wish I had a friend like that.