Ladies and Gentlemen, I come to you here today, not for the trendwhoring, but for a serious, grave and corrupted matter.

What that is occurring currently, may put your loved and cherished lives in grevious danger. How this obstructed and obstinate phenomenon persists to gravitate you ominous soul to descend into less of a human being. Lesser than the tiny, pitiful crawling insects which crawl on the distasteful rocky surface.
This, is yours and my oppostition to the shadowy and dark operative that works beneath the onerous covers. OH! How you have not realized how malice and venomous the fangs of the greater humanity that rams upon your omnivorous sins.
You, are always oppressed, beat down, chewed up, and spit out of the superficial system created by the ineffable, abominable, THE MAN.

How they look down upon you with their gaping dark eyes and the piercing stare to ram into your omnipotent heart, and ego. Leaving no room to recover out of your shivering instability. "The Man," is the oppresive higher being at your dejected and pessimistic work space. If you think you are futile into stoppin gthe almighty ruling power, you are so awfully wrong and misjudging. We have been oppresses for far too long! Just like others are starting to, we must rise up to the skies and recruit more of the all common, "working class," and wage full out war with the unsightly damnable, "The Man."

If you so conceive this notion, your very own cherished live can be taken away by the MAN FASTER than you can say, "I deject this proposition!"

How swift they can tear out your thumping heart and form it so into a dark musk. YOU, the working class, have the power! To overcome the minority! That's right, the Minority. The minority of the CEOs and managers that sit and feed on top of the food chain. In numbers you can overwhelm this disgusting cabinet consisting of the hunters. You, in numbers can change the hunted, into the hunters!

We must form a joint militia, and fight the power that has holding us back! Holding back our wages and freedom inside the depressing workplace! We're tired of being blamed of all our work crimes and in criminally paying all the debts due to many of our inconceivable faults. Starting the the nearest weak point of their so called political defense. If we conquer this desolate point, it shall become our command point, and soon annexing neighboring powerful corporations and soon the all powerful ruling government itself. This is inevitable to succeed in the North American Zone Instigation cause! Until we become one, ruling power, the now dominating, glorious, WORKING CLASS! WE WILL OBTAIN WHAT WE DESERVE, AND SHALL SUCCEED IN OUR FIGHTING CAUSE AGAINST THE EVIL "THE MAN."

By the way, this rant has nothing to do with men, it is, "The Man." Your manager, the CEOs, whom look down upon the working class to do their bidding.