...people are celebrating while other people mourn.

Choose one. But leave the other.

No. You leave that if you're going to take this. That only comes with other things not associated with this. If you try and take that with this you're going to mess up my inventory.

A happy customer? I'm not here to make happy customers. The customer is not always right. In fact, the customer is only right about 5% of the time. I'm just here to make sure that things are in order. Because there's always an order. 1 goes to 2 then to 3. It's always been that way. Even when it wasn't that way. It was already that way.

SuperSuperSuper. That's three words that start with the letter S. Do you know what you could do with the letter S? You add on to it the letters 't' 'o' & 'p' and form the word 'Stop' and when you scream it with the use of your lungs and vocal chords it (usually) causes people to cease in their tracks.

A letter is a just a symbol and multiple letters put together is a just a specific symbol. Like a painting is just a bunch of colours splashed together. A representation, if you will. So if we have symbols to represent a thought there are other ways of me asking you to 'stop'. I say this because we chose to represent the idea of 'stop'ping with the forming of symbols s t o & p together. Meaning it was there even without representation, it's just now in captured form. But that doesn't mean that it no longer contains a shapeless form. The cold stare from a father who wants you to shut the fuck up because he's watching the game. That would stop a little bugger from acting up.

Intangible. I want to speak in all intangibles. Though I'd be misconstrued with high percentile. So instead I conform to your ways and use words. But I'm more comfortable with intangibles so my words instead try and describe the intangible even though it's intangible thus being pratically indescribable except to call it intangible.

When I was a little boy I ate a lot of candy. I mean a lot of candy. Like, a lot a lot. Think of a time when you were a child and you were out on the playground the peak of the jungle gym is ginormous to you. That's what I mean when I say a lot. Because right now I'm thinking of something massive in my head but what I thought of as massive when I was a kid seems so much bigger than the things I think are massive today. Like, oh shit.. I think I left the light on in my room and all it would have taken was a tiny flip of a switch but here I am 3 hours away and I can't remember for the life of me if I flipped that damned switch or not. So I think it's better if I have you transport yourself to a mind frame when things were actually large in size or quantity imagination wise to have you imagine to amounts of candy I ate.

It was good when the candy was in my mouth. Really good. A drug high I'm currently hooked on good. That's not really a good analogy because drug addictions hurt. I should say the first time you tell the person you hate the most to fuck off good. But in the end it really just gave me swift kicks in the balls 'cause I ended up having a bunch of cavities. What a bunch a crap.

Fuck me? Fuck you! Oh and.. come again. Even though you guys always come again. So there's really no need for me to say it.