Hello all. I know there are a lot of discussions going on about the relationship between Madara and Pein. If you do not read the Japanese Naruto Manga, turn back now. But anyway, there are many questions concerning this matter. Who is the master? Who is more powerful? Why is Pein, user of Rin'negan, the supposed best doujutsu, taking orders from an Uchiha. I am here simply to post my opinion on this matter in a calmer environment than a heated argument thread.

Who is more powerful?
Opinion: Madara is the more powerful of the two. I don't think Pein would be the type to listen to somebody weaker than him. In chapter 363, Madara says to Pein "you are the leader, failure is unacceptable." The key phrase here is "unacceptable." Madara treats Pein like a lap dog, and Pein takes it. From what we have seen of him, Pein does not seem to be the type of person who would take that from anyone weaker than him. The major instigator of the debates about this was the introduction of the Rin'negan, the supposed best Doujutsu. "Why would someone with the Rin'negan take orders from a Sharingan user?" people ask. I have a couple ideas concerning this. The first is that having a better Doujutsu/kekkei genkai does not make you a more powerful ninja. Example. Let's have pre-chunnin exam finals Sasuke and pre chunin exam finals Neji. Who has the stronger Doujutsu? Sasuke. Who would've won? Neji. Neji was simply a much better ninja, despite having a weaker Doujutsu. I know the manga may seem like it is devolving to Doujutsu vs. Doujutsu, but it is really not that bad. Secondly, I think Mangekyou Sharingan may be more powerful than Rinnegan. That is honestly just a hunch though. Another thing is Madara's apparent invincibility. From what we have seen of him (for example the Sasuke-Deidara fight), he is impervious to harm. A major subject of debate is the fact that Pein has never lost, but Madara has. Madara's defeat was relative. He is obviously not dead, so he survived. I think that "defeat" for him meant "unsucessful mission." I believe that he was trying to infiltrate Konoha but the attack was repelled. To the leaf, this could and would be considered a "victory" and a "defeat" for Madara (remember, history is written by the victors), but he really might not have lost, just not suceeded. Also, from what we've seen Madara cannot die. Who is more powerful. Someone who has "never lost" who is can be killed, or someone who failed a mission and cannot be killed. It is up to the reader, but I stand by the latter. This is a theory I saw somewhere that I thought might be possible. That Madara is some sort of Demigod. Thank you for reading, and I will continue to post Naruto and other blogs in the future. Until then, failure is not an option.