The Puzzling Mystery

I t was a sunny day outside and the sun was shining in the clouds. There was two cloud, one was a cumulous formation and the other was a nimbus formation, it made Harry think about his Nimbus 2000.

?What are you staring at? said Ron, ?I just been to the shop and I bought some magic beans.?

Ron asked if Harry wanted any beans but Harry said he didn?t want any beans but he wanted a chocolate frog. Ron said he didn?t have any chocolate frogs but then Nevilla said he had some so he gave some to Harry and Harry was eating the chocolate frog.

The all of a suddenly Herm burst into the room.

?Come quick there?s an accident!?

They all ran to the corridor where there was the accident. In it there was a boy who was on the floor.

?He said Luna was mooning him.? Said Hermone. ?she has been mooning people all around the corridors.?

Ron went red as pancake.


?Let?s find Luna said Harry? she will know why she is doing it.

The three ran off. The castle was long and hard and Harry ran up the circular stairs like a snake. Then remembered his map with the dots on and saw that Luna and she was hiding in the toilet.

?I can?t stop mooning people, so if I sit on the toilet it won?t have an effect?.
She said when they came inside.

?Has someone put a spell on you?

?yes? she said she didn?t know what spell it was and thenNeville came as well.

?It?s Cedric, he?s been digging in the garden!!?

The three gasped.

?Luna, you stay in the toilet!? Said Harry

They all run outside and sea a huge hole where Cedric was digging. His spade was unstobbable like he was digging like he was digging like he was a maniac.

?We need to figure this out quickly otherwise Cedric will be in china before we figure it out!? said Harry.

?Someone is putting spells on people that made them do strange thing. Who would do this?!?

It was a puzzling mystery, and they were all baffled.

End of Part 1