You don't like me,you don't hate me,
You neither want to detest me.
You don't want satisfy me,
You don't want make me sad,
but you did it.
I won the set.
Your pure ignorance charms me,
the taste of pain you gave me
was good.It was a cherry-pie.
I'd like to bake painful things for you,
to cause you red-hot pleasure,
to draw red lilies onto your skin
with a lancet,to open your flesh
and paint stupid hearts with your blood,
to built an altar of your beautiful,shiny bones for you,and to pray to you without waiting for your answer-because God's answer is always ignorance.

Okay,this writing-like thingy won't salve the world,my English is horrible and I'm not too talented in writing,but this is my blog,so I write what I want :p

And no,I will not hurt anybody.