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Not really gonna go into detail explaining the eruption at the end of Battle Tendency. Just know that some badassery led Jojo II and big-bad birdy Cars to the Tobalchik Volcano.

Kind of superfluous, but I'm gonna calc it anyway.


Alright, so Tobalchik is apparently 3682m above sea level.




According to a scientific looking table in my last TTGL calc that I might link later, density for run-of-the-mill lava is 2600kg/m^3.


CoM is halfway up for a cylinder, I'd assume.


or about 265 kilotons.

Yeah, didn't satisfy me either :LOS

Well, take notice that the scan says this eruption was unprecedented in energy. That'd have to mean that it was larger and more energetic than any documented eruption preceding it.

In 1815, Mt. Tambora erupted with a VEI (Volcanic Explosivity Index) of 7+.

Wikipedia said:
The explosion is estimated to have been VEI 7.[22] It had roughly four times the energy of the 1883 Krakatoa eruption, meaning that it was equivalent to an 800 Mt TNT (3.3?10^12 MJ) explosion.

So yeah, the Stone of Aja produced an eruption >800 megatons. And it was said to be unable to actually kill Cars.

Jojo's severed arm survived the eruption to skewer Cars :villa