I am tierd of this fight daily between who is better the uchihas? or the hyuugas? Personally i think they are both the same in my book. During the chunnin exams Neji and Sasuke where really kind of rivals at the start as shown in the spoiler.

When These two wanted to fight eachother this is probally when the fighing started about who is better is my guess i am kinda mad about this beacause why can we get along?! So then while they where in the chunin exam's i imagine they where glancing at eachother (but they just dont show it). Witch made more of a rivalry. But then later in the chunin exams naruto helped the peace between them by kicking some scince into neji. Then Neji finnally relized alot of things. He probally was thinking about the peace between his clan and the uchiha clan. In the manga there was not much about uchiha and Hyuugas Figting or Them thinking much about themselfs. What i am really trying to say is Shape up you guys stop fighting about it they are both people inside.They may have differant things with eye power but they are both very powerful eyes and if they where put against eachother they would have the same power beacause They both have there weeknesses and strengths between eachother. So what is there to hate? They both made stupid choices in life and they are regaining there normal lives back slowly so what not like both?