Note: this is the same update as in my blog

So for some of u, u go and watch a tv show or an anime and if u watch it long enough, u might become a fan of it. However, for me, the ones that is helping out the fandom and destoring it as well is...well...pairings. U don't see a lot of ppl who watch a show without a pairing they like. This...helps out a fandom. But, for unknown reason (at least for me), war starts to break out. Noobs stating that their pairing is the holy god and if anyone think otherwise can go to hell. That part is what really hurt the fandom soooooooooo much. I am one of them who like the pairing but refuse to fight unless otherwise.

Man...talking about that. If u are ever in the NF forums, chances are, u seen the war between NaruSaku and NaruHina, which seems to team up with SasuSaku. It was ugly. That ld me the creation of NaruHaram, hopfully to stop ppl to stop fighting for Naruto pairing and even my rival made a Pairing Peace club. But, like they said, what comes the good, the bad comes. A SasuxHaram apper w/o my knowdage and badmouth my fc. Not only that but an Anti-Peace FC was also created to support the war of Pairing. Geez. I'm turning out like my sis, who support Elizabeth and Jason pairing in that one show about a Genernal and a big Hospital. Anyhow the two fc is dead and our do get revive someways or anyother but yeah....big war.

I want to go ahead and say that I seen some shows and I mostly win in those pairing. The first pairing I ever supported (and still) is Takari (Tk/Kari). Now I'm not sure if it became canon but the Dub. just went ahead and say the end. Recently, I heard about the Jap version about Tk's son calling Tai "uncle" so if that is ture then Takari was my first victory but I think I better wait. Other that I support are those that have relation or any form of realism, like IchiRuki and NaruSaku. Bah...I'll get flame for this.....

Oh yeah...I got a 100/100 in my exam! YAY! Oh and I'll give out more info. Until Tues.!!!!