The Neji Theory What should really happen

It's obvious.
There have been many threads about the Golden Byakugan. I feel there has to be 4 levels of it the bronze,Silver(Where neji is now), Gold, and the Great(where he want to be) There have been many threads involving Neji.
This is just my own theory mixed with a couple Theorys I?ve seen,

We all know that the Uchiha family, reputed to be feared and Unmatched, are the perfect ninja. They have a bloodline that carries much more potential and attack ability that surpass most. Most Naruto fans mostly know Sharingan is a hybrid of The Great Byakugan(which means there is another level of the Byakugan. Madera is the creator of the sharingan his mother was a princess from the Huygaa clan and farther was a demon from the Land of fire dressed as a human and the gave birth to Madera which mean his Shaingan will be the purest then any other Uchiha But by that time the Huygaa Clan was already breeding with in its own clan which means the Byakugan was getting stronger as the sharigan was getting weaker its simple if you not understanding it you have two people who have fire powers both will go to the child if you have a normal nija and a nija with water powers have a child they will recieve both which means half water half normal since madara was the only uchiha and disowned by both the Hyuga clan and demons he couldnt of inbreeded at the time(Common sense) so since Neji is the strongest Hyguaa of all time he has to have the great byakugan some where in him jus doest know how to unleash it how he will do this you ask?

My belief is that Neji has a heart wants power to show how strong his Byakugan compared to any othe bloodline. He seeks power much like Sasuke Kun. He has a side of him that seeked revenge on the Hyugga way. If you remmbered his point of life was he wanted to resotre there family to its former glory and that was just his destiny Sure he had a little run in with Naruto and lost, but why would that change him wnating to restor the clan back to former glory?

Which leads Neji to want to batlle someone from the family who took there place in Khona? What will that be the he would want to battle the Sharingan, and prove that the Byakugan ability and the Hyugga family are and were the strongest in Konoha ever.

I believe like the Sharingan and the Mangekyou, that there is also another side of the Byakugan. Which has already been proven which is Some say it's Gold.I believe thats one 2 but I also bleleive its one called Great Some say not. The prophecy spoke of gold, howeveri do I believe it's something called the Dark Byakugan.. We all must rememer that Itachi?s Mangekyou is totally different from Saskue?s they got it different ways and also differnt from Kakhasi and mardera so thats four differnt version of the same thing

The Akatsuki leader has very mysterious eyes.and has been around for a mintue he was trained by Jiryhia and would often talk about Khona and Madera with him and his 2 others this could hold a secret power, could he's be the master guy with the master eyes. He may know the secrets of this Dark Byakugan and the Great, a side of the ability that is long range, and defensive also.
Meaning, Neji would have his 360 degree vision, however his blind spot would be filled with chakra always, it would be fixed.
He would have the ultimate defense and since the shrigan came from the Great he has to have some of the same trait from the phyiscal and mental and Charka aspect so I feel it should also allow you to be able to shoot different elements from his eyes in long distance fashion. Meaning he could use his deadly Tai Jutsu, close off your tenketsus with his new speed and deadliness, and blast you with his newly aquired Chakra that he gains from the Byakugan and also should allow yo to memorize not copy but memorize every jutsu it come up with a counter attack automatically..

Neji is now a supreme Genius that perhaps has the ability and potential to defeat the strongest of the uchia clan how cause the Byakugan can already see through anything which means the Sharigans tricks which mean physical combat all the way

Akatsuki are smart nins. Especially the Akatsuki Leader, he knows of this old Hyugga Ability. And would want it on his team since tobi is truly the leader and it is said he is a uchia he will fell that the storngest Hyugga will be able to stop him so before the leaf village can do that he has to get to him. They will have to run in to each other sooner or later hopefully very soon, or perhaps he already has during the 2.5 years, that has already passed and has informed him on how strong Naruto-kun and Sasuke Kun is becoming and how they are surpassing him easily , and this will dig into Nejis soul, and make him want to prove the Hyugga Strength. He'll listen to the story, and long for the power described. After Hidan or Kakuzu dies, there will be one last member of Akatsuki joining.

Neji will go missing from Konoha, and nobody will know why.

He will learn THE GREAT Byakugan, and love it?s power.

He will seek destructionof any bloodline that will stand in it?s way .
Since the has group has been battling with Orchmuriru and his gruop after saskue kills or absorbs oruchmuruii they will want there ring back and kill ataksui members till they find Itachi asaskue will be happy to bring it back to them and finds itachi but for saskue to get to him who will he have to go through the new powerful Neji they battle but its interupted by Team kakshi neji will be Itachi?s parnter after this beacuse his partner will die from saskue parnter who wants to become a swordsman

Neji joins and becomes a full fledge member who will Itachis partner that will lead naruto right to them because Saskue will follow them and naruto being him will continue to follow them but if you remeber they train people for these crazy eye poeple which is Guy and rock lee remeber when we first saw Itachi only person who could fight him was Gui cause he can fight with out looking in his eyes...Naruto will give saskue and option come back our die Saskue will not like that begins a new batlle so you might bea sking what does this have to do with neji.. His specialty is to stop chakru flow for anyone Guy has a little bit of chakru not that much but has anyone ever wonder why Rock Lee has no chakru

It's obvious people, Neji cannot be a side character.

This explains it, Rock Lee will have to battle Neji in the end. These two characters in my opinion hold even more importance than Gai/Kakashi/, since we've seen Kakashi and Gai in action before, yet we have seen these special Nins (Rock Lee/Neji/Sasuke/Sakura/Naruto/Hinata) go through issues and become stronger. We want to see them in the end.

The Byakugan power was said to be amazingly strong, but how strong? Is there a dark side to it? Is there another power waiting to be accessed?


Rock Lee vs Neji in the VERY END to the death

It must happen

I feel it will end like this