Hey guys this is my new blog and I have alot to say, so here goes.

My life hasn't been going so great recently, Friday I was arrested at school for Possesion of a controlled substance and for having a ounce of Mary Jane in my truck.

Most of the charges will likely be dropped though due to the fact they didn't read my rights to me and the fact that I have never been in previous trouble with the law. But either way I currently have a felony against me. And I have to convince the Baseball Coach to let me play and that I have quit drugs otherwise I won't be playing Varsity this year at all.

But on to the happy, I just ended this relationship with this stupid whore, I should have stayed away from her in the beginning but I let my dick get in the way of my head.

So yesterday I went out to the movies with this girl I have talked to on and off for about a year, and I swear I can honestly say I would do anything for her and I love her to death. Now we are dating and things just seem to be turning around for me.