one day the hadsome Narri-kun was walking down the street. Carelessly, he was walking down to the store to buy some cake. Little did he know that a dark and mysterious evil awaited him. Out of nowhere it struck Narri-kun, causing him to trip and fall. But this was no mere imp, this was the most vile, hated demon to walk the earth: The rock that came out of nowhere! However, Narri was brave enough to stand up the ferocious beast. Readying himself, Narri took a running start towards the rock. POW! Narri kicked the rock with all his might, sending it flying. As the rock descended, it landed on a car with a dull thud, leaving behind a dent on the car. As the angry witch yelled from the door, Narri-kun took off running into the distance. "Another great adventure," Narri thought as he ran home.