The 10th hour was the most horrible. My feet were aching, my vision started being blurred, and I couldn't understand well what people were telling me. I could feel the muscles in my legs still aching because of the jogging I had to do the day before in my physical education course. My throat hurt from talking non-stop during so much time. I looked at my watch: it was 8h00 PM. 1 more hour to go.

I started working at 10h00 AM today, and they scheduled me until 9h00 PM. That makes 11 hours. I went to bed yesterday night angry at the fact that I'd waste a whole day at work and that I'd come back home totally destroyed.

Well I am - totally destroyed.

My colleague was at his 3rd day doing that. I have no idea how he can survive. Not a single one. He makes his 44 hours in 4 days. The fact that he doesn't study helps, but still... I just cannot do it.

Hopefully, I asked the good person and got what I wanted - a regular day of 7 hours on Thursday. A day that I will be able to enjoy, knowing that I can spend the night in the comfort of my home, probably sited on this chair, on NF, drawing, playing or chatting (or all simultaneously!).

Wonderful. :)
I am officially weak, and addicted to my computer.

I hope I will never have to wait for the 11th hour to come again.