There's a certain dude who works at a fastfood joint that I operate in. his name is Jose. I don't know what others seem to think but I like him lots, sometimes on my brake I buy him a baconator just for the shits and giggles.

I don't know why it hasn't stopped me but him being mental retarded seems to be the last thing I notice. when he first came into work during my shift he seemed a tad shy. my boss was on rush hour and he looked like he about to snap, seeing it's his first day and all. I know I sound cliche but I'm all about being a nice guy, I'm weak-hearted like that.

although I'm perverted from time to time I shuffle through my change just to make sure afew homeless people get around.

after I addressed Jose' station he looked really happy and tried to say thank you but he moved his lips in a really funny way. it looked "American" and cartoony, perhaps something out of courage to cowardly dog.

now the problem is quite simple really. recently jose was snapped at by one of the customers over some pepsi. I could hardly get the details since I was busy flipping patties but all I saw was jose covered in soda and a crowd laughing not to far away from him.

It reminds me of something of book. I think the name of the book was called flowers for algeron?

it sucks too...right there I started thinking about that story and right where jose was standing, it burned my eyes seeing how smiler the situation was. the main character being made fun at for being alittle slow, what the hell?

atleast he's trying...he's doing better then alot of other people right?:(

isn't making fun of people wrong in general, why make an exception for people with mental illness...


well there' my rant of eventful events from my life.

feel free to discuss if this meets your interest.:notrust