Well, today I had the only two christmas tests before christmas, and frankly, I'm not quite sure how they went. I mean, last time I had an ancient philo test and I thought I would get like a D or something, but I ended up getting a B, which was pretty awesome. Guess I just don't know what to expect from University standards...man I can't wait till the sixth (will be done the second half of my medieval society midterm and fini!!). Asides from that, I guess I aughta try to relax... although the varsity ski team won't exactly allow me to. :laugh
Ah, there seems to be a 90's dance this friday... being a big eurodance fan, I'm hoping they'll have some of the good stuff instead of the spice girls crap and backstreet boys rubbish, although I'm still debating on whether to go or not.
Well, enough of my aimless rambling...I'm hungry :laugh