I get my first lecture tomorrow at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands. We have to hand in our first assignment on Friday and I don't even know what it is yet!

I wanted to say how I thought the folding@home Team NF was coming along. It's been about two weeks today since it started, and 10 people have submitted work units so far, with an estimated second 10 still at work on their first ones.
I've put quite a bit of effort into trying to raise awareness of the project and have been a bit disappointed in the general reaction so far but really appreciate the effort of those who have joined the team. I hope that once a certain number of users have joined and added a link to their signature, the project should take off by itself without any more effort or guidance by me. The problem is that I'm not sure it's there yet and I'm about to start my university course, expecting to be inundated from the start. If you're reading this and are interested, see my signature for more info and most importantly, don't forget to add a link in your signature so that others get to know about the team!