I couldn't think of a title so I just thought I'd try and be cool by using a Brian Eno album.:awesome

Anyway, my creative juices are somewhat flowing again. I thank Bohren & Der Club of Gore for that. Good music especially ambient really gets me going. I'd say my primary writing influence is video games. I was going to say music but let's not lie.:hehee Video games got me interested in writing and anime for that matter. That's probably the reason why my stories are fast paced. Sometimes even Gurren Lagann fast.(I've been meaning to slow down. But I just get so excited.) Anyway, my previous mention of transitions, well, as I got going and threw my worries to the wind it solved itself. I just needed some emotion to infuse into my story. The right music got me. Lovesliescrushing ripped open my heart and Bohren & Der Club of Gore set the mood.

Since my life has little to draw from I like to bullshit with visions and emotions pulled from songs. Whether it's intense battles from prog metal or quiet journeys set to ambient, or even soft interaction between people set to folk music. Though on paper its silent in reality its powered by sound.